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Nov 7, 2011

HIS Outs Low-Profile Radeon HD 6670 Fan 1GB for HTPC Use

HIS has just announced that it has expanded its portfolio with yet another graphics card based on an AMD Radeon graphics core, the HIS 6670 Fan 1GB, which was specially developed for being used in media center and home theater PCs.

As a result, the card was designed with a low-profile PCB and occupies a single slot inside the computer case, while cooling is provided by a dual fan setup.

Its home theater PC role is also accentuated by the bundled low-profile expansion bracket, which is a great addition if the card must be fitted in a half-height computer case.

The rest of the card's specs include a Turks GPU with 480 stream processors, 24 texture units and 8 ROP units that are linked to the installed video buffer via a 128-bit wide memory bus.

The memory used by HIS is GDDR5 and is clocked at 1GHz (4GHz GDDR5 data rate), while the GPU has an operating frequency of 800MHz.

These values correspond to AMD's recommended frequencies for the Radeon HD 6670, so while HIS' latest creation won't break any records, it will surly be able to easily surpass most other low-profile HD 6670 graphics cards that come factory underclocked.

The rest of the 6670 Fan 1GB specs are nothing out of the ordinary as the graphics card features the usual VGA, dual-link DVI-D and HDMI video outputs. A DisplayPort connector is sadly missing.

HIS' latest creation is available in the retail market as we speak, with pricing set at $129, which translates roughly into 93.6 Euros.

This makes it a great deal more expensive than other Radeon HD 6670 graphics cards out there, such as HIS's own 6670 iSilence 4 that is priced at $94.99 (69 EUR), but it does have the advantage of coming with a low-profile design and sticking to AMD's reference clocks.


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