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Mar 28, 2012

Nokia Working on Two Entry-Level MeeGo Handsets

It looks like Nokia constantly supports the MeeGo platform, and word is that the Finnish company plans to launch more of these devices.

According to Netbooks citing an industry insider, Nokia is currently working on two budget-friendly MeeGo-based smartphones. 

Moreover, the surprising information comes directly from Nokia’s Next Billion Group, which is directly responsible for creating the S40 lineup of feature-phones, as well as the Asha series of handsets.

Those who are unfamiliar with Nokia’s new organization should know that the Finnish company divided into two groups soon after adhering to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

The main division that is responsible for releasing Windows Phone devices and developing software for these smartphones, and the Next Billion Group led by Mary McDowell, which is focusing on feature-phones.

It is believed that Nokia’s decision was based on the fact that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform will never be one that could be embraced by cheap devices for various reasons.

This made the Finnish company turn to other “less expensive” mobile platforms, and MeeGo seemed to be the logical choice, even though Nokia dropped it one year ago in favor of Window Phone operating system.

Well-known among developers, MeeGo open-source project is much more flexible and offers a smoother user experience than Windows Phone even on devices with low hardware configurations.

For the time being, there are no details on Nokia’s project to bring more MeeGo-powered handsets into the smartphone market, but if the information proves accurate we might get more info in the weeks to come.

Hopefully, Nokia will expand its MeeGo portfolio, which currently contains its first and only smartphone, the N9. 

The unexpected popularity of the Nokia N9 might be another reason the Finnish company decided to embrace MeeGo’s spirit once again. Stay tuned for more updates on the subject.


LizBell said...

I have to be honest and say I wasn't expecting much from MeeGo. I recently got the N9 for my sister (which was almost impossible to get hold of in the UK... could only find it at MobiCity). She loves it, and I have to say I quite like the operating system too. It's a big step up from Symbian (me and Symbian never really saw eye to eye).

If they do bring out 2 more budget phones, I might consider buying one. I primarily use my phone for calling and texting, and only use the odd app, which is why MeeGo is all I really need. Just want something that runs smoothly, looks good, and doesn’t burn a giant hole in my wallet! :]

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