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Mar 28, 2012

GeForce GTX 680 SuperClocked from EVGA Now Official

There is a new video card up for sale on EVGA's website, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that there are two models available for order. 

The company has formally introduced a certain video card that was known to be in the works even before the reference one appeared. 

The board in question bears the name of GeForce GTX 680 SuperClocked and, obviously enough, has higher frequencies than the ones NVIDIA set. 

Curiously though, the card actually stays faithful to the reference looks, even though we would not have been surprised if EVGA chose to equip it with a special cooler. 

Then again, there is the option of getting a backplate for it, for a small monetary premium. The specs are still the same though, even then. 

Speaking of which, the speed of the Kepler graphics processing unit is 1,058 MHz (stock setting is 1,006 MHz), while the GPU Boost speed is 1,113 MHz. 

It is interesting to note that 1,058 MHz is the Boost clock of the original board. 

Moving on, the EVGA GTX 680 SuperClocked has 1,536 CUDA cores and a memory interface of 256 bits for the 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. As for the memory speed, it is of 6,208 MHz (the stock clock is 6,008 MHz). 

The rest is common knowledge among those who have been browsing Kepler products: PCI Express 3.0 support, 3D Vision Surround on a single card, SLI, dual-DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc. 

All in all, the factory-overclocked video adapter is not that much ahead of the “regular” card. Consequently, its price tag is $519.99 / 390 Euro. 

Finally, if one were to choose the version equipped with a backplate, the extra heat dissipation requires $10 extra (7.50 Euro), leading to $529.99 / 397.71 Euro. 

If it's more of a monster you're looking for, you might want to wait for Zotac's 2 GHz card or Galaxy's GTX 680 Hall of Fame.


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