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Mar 30, 2012

Xyratex Intros OneStor 2584

In today’s data world you can never have enough storage space, but most of today’s storage solutions seem unstructured, lacking expansion options and are generally not dense enough. Xyratex has just introduced OneStor 2584 on their official website, a storage solution that shows much promise when facing these issues.

The OneStor 2584 is really dense as it offers a capacity of up to 84 SAS or SATA hard disk drives in 3.5” format. The official press release also mentions support for the same amount of 2.5” hard or solid state disc drives.

The odd thing is that they don’t mention and thus seem not to have any capability of installing a larger number of drives if the drive format is of smaller volume. We’re hoping to see these types of professional data storage solutions being able to fit around three, smaller, 2.5” drives in the space normally occupied by two 3.5” hard drives, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Xyratex’s new product.

The maximum hard drive capacity supported by the OneStor 2584 is 3 Terabytes working on a 6 Gb/s interface.

The whole thing takes a 5U space in your rack and comes with PSUs that are 80 Plus certified and guaranteed to offer a 92% efficiency at 50% load.

The expansion interface has three universal x4 6Gb mini-SAS connectors (SFF-8088) per I/O module and the maximum system configuration is a dual host-connected enclosure with a maximum expanded configuration of 4 enclosures for a total of 336 drives.

The exact physical dimensions of Xyratex’s new toy are 220 mm height representing an exact 5 EIA units. That is 8.65 inches. The width of 483mm is 19 inches and is IEC rack compliant. And the depth is 933 mm representing 36.75 inches.

The total estimated weight with all the drives is 128 kilograms representing around 282 pounds.


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