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Mar 30, 2012

EVGA's X79 Boards Get New BIOS

It seems like the Intel X79 chipset hasn't caught THAT much; with major manufacturers surfacing a rather small number of motherboards built with this specific chipset and the recent wave of Z77 and H77 gear, the X79 might have already lived its life.

Nevertheless, BIOS support for the X79 boards will carry on a while, and here's the latest for the EVGA boards. Revision 35 is intended for the X79 SLI, X79 FTW and X79 Classified boards, and brings improvements in the memory compatibility.

This new BIOS comes with 2400MHz memory support and enhanced memory overclocking , while fixing the "6A" coldboot issue and helping with the BIOS cleanup. Like with any BIOS update, users are advised to refrain from restarting or interrupting their PCs while flashing is in progress. At the same time, EVGA stresses it's not advisable to flash the BIOS on overclocked settings.


rohit kothari said...

wowow thats a wonderful information i was looking for that bios thanks for sharing http://www.techotalk.com/root-galaxy-y-s5360-7-simple-steps/

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