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Apr 7, 2012

More Windows 8 Post-Beta Details Emerge

Microsoft is well underway with the development of the next flavor of its Windows 8 platform, expected to land in the next few months as a Release Candidate. 

Currently in post-Beta stage, Windows 8 is undergoing various changes that should become available with the RC bits. 

Microsoft keeps mum on the changes it is currently applying to the platform, but leaked info on the matter did make it online. 

Courtesy of WinUnleaked.tk, we now learn that, among the various Windows 8 SKUs that Microsoft is getting ready for launch, there will also be one called “Core.”

Apparently, this version of the operating system is branded simply Windows 8, and might be launched simply as a classic flavor of the platform (it could be a stripped-down, “Basic” SKU).

No special features were spotted in this OS iteration for the time being but, since the development of the various Windows 8 SKUs has just kicked off, chances are that these differences will begin to emerge soon. 

Windows 8 “Core” is said to arrive without the Media Center, something that is expected to be common to most commercial versions of the operating system. 

Windows 8 is expected to hit Gold status this fall, and should become commercially available sometime in October, three years after Windows 7 was launched. 

In the meantime, Microsoft will have to reach other milestones with the platform, including the Release Candidate in the next few months and the RTM version sometime in summer. 

When made available, Windows 8 will offer support for both traditional desktop PCs, which require a keyboard and mouse for input, as well as for touch-enabled tablet PCs (in fact, it will be optimized for use on these). 

At the moment, the platform is available for download for free as a Consumer Preview, a version released on February 29th, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 

You can download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 via this link.


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