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Apr 7, 2012

Gigabyte Releases 7-Series Motherboards

Since Intel will be formally unveiling its Ivy Bridge central processing units on April 23 this year (2012), Gigabyte has decided to stop putting off the launch of its 7-series motherboard line. 

If anyone is wondering how we know when the chips will show, we don't (nothing is certain after all), but we did find reports saying as much. Go here to read all about the matter. 

Gigabyte's line of motherboards is fairly extensive, composed of 12 different models, to be exact. 

Most of them utilize the Z77 chipset, but there are a couple who rely on the H77 chipset too. 

"The new GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards are designed to offer a seamless upgrade for enthusiast PC DIYers by providing specifications and features that will be compatible with future CPUs, VGA cards, memory, SSDs, and wireless protocols for years to come," commented Henry Kao, vice president of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. 

"It makes sense then for us to aggressively transition to GIGABYTE Z77 and H77 motherboards so that enthusiasts can purchase them in anticipation for the release of Intel's highly sought after 3rd Gen Core™ processors." 

We could start listing all the specs of each and every one of these things, but that would defeat the purpose of all the information having been neatly arranged here

Still, we have to mention what Gigabyte treats as its marketing edge, and by that we mean more than the new and improved dual UEFI 3D BIOS

Ultra Durable 4 components, for one, grant the platforms a high level of stability and endurance. Secondly, Gigabyte implemented the All Digital Engine, which lets users control the power supplied to the CPU, VTT, memory and processor graphics. 

Thirdly, the press release mentions mSATA support (for the Smart Response SSD caching technology) and the Gigabyte EZ Setup (lets users more easily use Intel Smart Response, Intel Rapid Start, and Intel Smart Connect). 

Other assets include the Lucid Virtu MVP technology (switches between the CPU and add-in graphics) and a GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0/Dual Band 300 Mbps Wi-Fi PCIe Card. Stay tuned for motherboards from other manufacturers.


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