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Jul 9, 2012

AMD “Steamroller” CPU cores coming in Q2 2013

AMD has been very modest in performance predictions about its new “Steamroller” x86 core design. The company is touting a 10% improvement over “Bulldozer” architecture, but real life benchmarks with 3.8GHz “Trinity” processor and overclocked 3.8 GHz FX 8150 CPU has exposed some real impressive results.

Despite Trinity’s lack of level 3 cache, the performance increase ranges well beyond AMD’s 10%, so most industry insiders expect an overall 20% performance jump from Vishera processors. Real-life tests showing a 50% performance increase over AMD's own expectations is quite impressive. We're not expecting this to happen in all applications, but it's surprising anyway.

Trinity’s superiority is obvious in single-threaded scenarios, as well as in multi-threaded applications, and adding 8 MB of level 3 cache can only improve the situation. As reported by Fudzilla, AMD’s Richland next-generation accelerated processing unit (APU) is coming in Q2 of next year, we can say that this is likely to be AMD’s first “Steamroller” implementation.

AMD FX Processor Future Features
Image credits to AMD

AMD FX Processor Future Features
Image credits to AMD


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