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Jul 9, 2012

RIM CEO: BlackBerry 10 Delayed for Better Feature Integration

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion will bring to the market devices powered by its BlackBerry 10 operating system only next year, after targeting late 2012 as the initial launch timeframe for them.

According to the company’s CEO Thorsten Heins, the reason behind this push back is a simple one: better feature integration. Last week, he told The Globe and Mail that, while the BlackBerry 10 code is ready to go, some of the features included in the platform don’t yet work as seamlessly as intended, and that the delay is caused by this state of facts. RIM has been hard at work with developing BlackBerry 10 from ground up as an entirely new platform, destined to change the way in which users look at BlackBerry. The company is focused on packing the latest technologies out there inside the operating system, and is en-route to deliver what they call “the best mobile platform out there.” Thorsten Heins notes that BlackBerry 10 will arrive as an entirely new platform, and not a simple upgrade for the existing software.

Users will take advantage of features that include video chatting, NFC (Near Field Communication) and more, thus enjoying a robust, reliable new way of interacting with the world, all courtesy of BlackBerry 10. Given the fact that BlackBerry 10’s launch has been delayed, RIM will have more time to integrate wanted software in the platform, and to apply the final touches to a product that should bring the company back to profit. As usual, RIM will push devices powered by the new OS to corporate environments as well, with features such as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, and with enterprise services that were already available on the BlackBerry platform. Various handsets supposedly running under BlackBerry 10 already emerged online, and they managed to impress those who had the chance to put hands on them. Overall, the new platform should be able to prove highly popular, in the event that RIM will indeed manage to deliver it on time.

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Image credits to RIM


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