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Jul 8, 2012

iPad mini Machined in China, Assembled in Brazil

A report from Japan says Apple has ordered its Chinese manufacturers to start producing the chassis of its next-generation “iPad mini,” with plans to have it assembled in Latin America.

A somewhat reliable source of Apple rumors, Japanese blog Macotakara is citing its sources as saying that the rumored 7.85-inch iPad mini might be assembled in Brazil, presumably at the same Foxconn factories that manufacture some of the current-generation iPads and iPhones. The Japanese site further states that the actual carving of the aluminum shell housing the tablet’s internals - the “machining,” as Apple refers to the process - is being done in China. Apple has been reportedly plotting a massacre in the tablet industry, and the biggest blow is said to come from this so-called mini iPad that will offer tremendous value at a sweet-spot price point. “…production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon,” according to the source in question.

The tablet is said to have 3G cellular radios and about the same form factor as the Nexus 7, albeit a tad wider. It might be as thin as the current-generation iPod touch players, the source, which reportedly saw a prototype, added. “This source, who seems to look a prototype, told that new tablet (iPad mini?) had same hight with Nexus 7 and slight larger width. Even though front projection size is larger than rivals, thickness of that new tablet is considered to be thinner than current most thinnest tablet Kindle Fire, and to be similar with iPod touch (4th generation) by this source.” Furthermore, the report suggests (albeit quite vaguely) that such a mini iPad would be comparable to the 3rd generation iPod nano, from various standpoints.

Touching down on the next-generation iPhone from Apple, the source added as a final note that that Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes is “getting closer to truth,” in terms of specs and launch date (which is said to be September).

iPad mini mockup by John Anastasidis
Image credits to iMore


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