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Jul 8, 2012

Windows 8 RTM to Go Up to Build 8506

Microsoft is moving closer to making its Windows 8 operating system available in a final flavor, but will have to get through the RTM milestone first, and some more info on the builds that will emerge in the process has been recently unveiled.

Apparently, the final RTM flavor of Windows 8 won’t land as build 8500, something that many believed would happen, but will get past that. Thus, info that surfaced over at WinUnleaked shows that Windows 8 RTM builds will reach 8506, although there will be RTM Escrow 8500 builds as well. At the moment, Microsoft is working on the pre-release to manufacturing flavor of Windows 8, which will feature builds ranging from 8411 to 8440. As soon as it gets things in order for the next milestone, the company will compile the final RTM builds and get ready for the general availability of the platform, sometime in October.

The list of RTM builds that WinUnleaked has managed to grab shows numbers running from 8436.0.winmain_win8rtm.120618-2000 (RTM Escrow) and going all the way up to 8506.0.winmain_win8rtm.120630-1900 (RTM Candidate)According to rumors, there are roughly three weeks left until the RTM flavor of Windows 8 is made available, about two months before the final release is set to arrive on shelves. Compared to the currently available Windows 8 Release Preview, the RTM milestone should bring along a set of performance enhancements throughout the operating system, as well as various graphical changes that many users might not approve of.

Microsoft will remove the Aero Glass from the next Windows 8 releases, after having it available in Windows Vista, Windows 8 and pre-release flavor of the next-gen OS. We should also see changes brought to interaction fields in the upcoming release, along with sharpened edges on windows, and the like.

Windows 8 Logo
Image credits to Microsoft


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