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Aug 5, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Using Insane Glass

Part supplier ETrade Supply has obtained the front glass part of Apple’s next-generation iPhone and, after putting it through a series of tests, concluded that it’s almost impossible to break or scratch.

The supplier did some exhaustive measurements and found that the iPhone 5 glass lens is 90.25mm long, 51.60mm wide, while the iPhone 4S part is 76.65mm and 51.60mm. The display area is larger, from 3.61 inches in the iPhone 4S to 4.065 inches in the iPhone 5. Because the glass is thinner in the iPhone 5, “the transmittance of iPhone 5 glass lens is higher than that of iPhone 4S,” says ETrade Supply.

The camera hole has been moved from the left side to the right middle above the speaker and, compared to the iPhone 4S, it narrows a little bit. The light sensor hole also moves from the top to the left side of receiver, and the diameter of home button hole of iPhone 5 glass lens has narrowed by 0.3mm, says the company.

Article of iphone5 glass lens at http://blog.etradesupply.com/new-video-of-iphone-5-glass-lens-leaks/  Those are called "finger cots". They're used in the medical field and also in any industry where fine machinery is assembled, like mechanical watches or compact electronics. They allow for more dexterity than a whole glove, while stopping skin oils from contaminating the parts. 
This video show the detailed comparison between iPhone 5 glass lens and iPhone 4s glass lens, for more info of this video and iPhone 5 parts, please visit http://www.etradesupply.com
Some changes in iPhone 5 compared with iPhone 4s

  1. Size:   
    • iPhone 4s: Height: 76.65mm Width: 51.60mm Display area: 3.6 inches Thickness: 0.9mm
    • iPhone 5: Height: 90.25mm Width: 51.60mm Display area: 4.065 inches Thickness: 1.00mm
  2. Transmittance:  iPhone 5 is better compared with iPhone 4s
  3. The camera hole of iPhone 5 glass lens moves from the left side to the right middle above the receiver. 
  4. The light sensor hole moves from the top to the left side of receiver. Also, it becomes very small.
  5. Home button
    • The diameter of home button hole of iPhone 5 glass lens is narrowed 0.3mm. That is to say the iPhone 5 home button will become smaller and the iPhone 4S home button will not fit for iPhone 
  6. Anti scratch ability:  The anti-scratch ability of iPhone 5 is better than iPhone 4s
Cited from http://www.iphone5parts.net
Video credits to etradesupply


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