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Aug 5, 2012

Windows Server 2012 RTM Leaks Too

A few days ago, Windows 8 was announced to have reached RTM status, and the final code of the platform leaked on the web shortly after.

Today, we learn that the same has happened with the RTM flavor of Windows Server 2012 as well, and that it can already be found on various sharing websites out there. The Windows Server 2012 build that was spotted online weighs 3.23 GB and is compatible only with x64 systems. The build includes both Standard and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2012, a recent article on Neowin reports. Microsoft announced four different Windows Server 2012 SKUs set to hit the market in the coming months, namely Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacenter. With the availability of the RTM flavor of the OS, OEMs can start building server products that can take full advantage of the features and capabilities packed inside the new platform.

The final flavor of the operating system will become available on September 4th, the Redmond-based software giant announced. In fact, the company also unveiled that it planned on holding a special launch event on that day, for all those who are interested in learning more on the new product to attend. The same as Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 will come to the market with a series of Metro UI elements packed inside. There are also a series of screenshots available with the leaked Windows Server 2012 build for your viewing pleasure. You can find them on wzcat.info.

It’s yet uncertain how the final code of for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 leaked online, but the move is not surprising, that’s for sure. After all, the two new platform releases promise a complete new experience and a new way for people all around the world to look at their computers, especially with the wide range of touch optimizations that Microsoft has packed them with.

Windows Server 2012 RTM
Images credits to WZCat.info


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