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Aug 12, 2012

Club3D GeForce GT 610 PCI Express x1 Video Card

Traditional AMD video card manufacturing partner has also been manufacturing Nvidia-based cards for a while and today the company is launching a very useful and very cool graphics adapter.

The official name of Club3D’s new product is GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 and the model number is CGNX-G612LX1. There are numerous computer systems that lack a proper PCI Express x16 expansion slot and Club3D’s new product is the perfect solution to escape from the dreaded performance manifested by the likely low quality Intel IGP. Many users would sometimes want to add more monitors to a system, but although the motherboard has an x16 slot, it doesn’t have a second one. Since almost all PCI Express motherboards have at least one PCI Express x1 slot, Club3D’s GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 is the perfect solution.

There are many reasons that make the GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 a very useful device and it seems that Club3D has brought a new life to Nvidia’s 2010 chip. The GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 from Club3D is powered by a 40nm GF119 GPU that comes with 48 CUDA cores running at 810 Mhz. The shader units work at a high 1620 MHz frequency, but the card only requires a maximum of 29 watts when working at full speed. It has 1GB of DDR3 memory on board, but the memory interface is a narrow 64-bit BUS.

On the connectivity side, the GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 comes with a DVI slot and a HDMI connector, but also has a port and a D-SUB 15 VGA bracket. Although these three outputs are preset, the card can only output to two displays at one time. It’s quite a pity that Club3D didn’t make this a fanless card, but we’re happy the solution exists just as it is.

Club3D GeForce GT 610 PCI Express X1 Video Card
Images credits to Club3D


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