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Aug 12, 2012

Intel Haswell x86 Processor Core Only Bring a 10% Performance Improvement

The world’s largest CPU designer and manufacturer is working on its next-generation Haswell processor architecture. The company is apparently concentrating on the iGPU part of the new design and somewhat less on the x86 cores.

Intel has enjoyed a serious performance advantage over its main x 86 competitors, the fabless Texas-based Advanced Micro Devices, thus the company sees no reason in making a serious x86 performance jump. Therefore, Intel will keep most of its x86 aces up its sleeve and will only trickle out some performance to tempt users to spend money on yet another Intel processor or even the whole platform, Fudzilla reports.

On the other hand, on the graphics side, the company is literally quadrupling the number of 3D units inside the iGPU because of humiliating successful competition from AMD. If AMD had been able to properly compete in the x 86 fields, we would have probably seen a 25% x86 performance improvement instead of the reported 10%.

Intel Haswell CPU
Image credits to Intel


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