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Aug 9, 2012

HTC Windows Phone 8 Devices in September

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is expected to bring to the market at least three Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the near future, and might unveil them as soon as next month.

In fact, a recent report coming from WPDang suggests that the handset vendor would aim at launching its Windows Phone 8 handsets in the third week of September. This would make HTC the second vendor in the world to announce Windows Phone 8 plans, following Nokia’s supposed unveiling at the beginning of next month.

Previous rumors have suggested that HTC would aim at loading Windows Phone 8 on devices ranging from the mid- to the high-end of the market. Codenamed Rio, Accord and Zenith, three such phones have already been rumored to make it to shelves before year’s end, all with much better hardware compared to currently available devices.

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Image credits to HTC


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