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Aug 9, 2012

Nokia Phi Confirmed with Dual-Core CPU and Windows Phone 8

Rumors on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices continue to surface, but we still don’t have any confirmations on their specs sheet.

However, it appears that the folks over at NokiaInnovation have been able to confirm that the Finnish company plans to announce not one, but three Windows Phone 8 smartphones at the first Nokia World 2012 event, which is set to kick off on September 5. One of the smartphones that will be announced in early September is currently known as Nokia Phi, though this is just a codename, just like Lumia 900 was known as Nokia Ace before it got launched in the market. Remember the alleged Nokia prototype smartphone powered by Windows Phone 8 (or 7.8) that was leaked two days ago by the folks over at WPDang? Well, it looks like this is the Nokia Phi and, according to NokiaInnovation’s inside source, it is Lumia 800’s successor.

It looks like Stephen Elop was more than impressed by Lumia 800’s success, which is why he decided to keep the same design line for a few other devices that will be launched in the coming months. Now, about the Nokia Phi, the cited source claims it will have the same curved screen, but it will come with a bigger screen than the Lumia 800. Obviously, there’ won’t be any physical buttons on the front side of the smartphone, but it will feature a dual volume key, a power button and the camera shutter. On the inside, the Nokia Phi will be equipped with a dual-core processor manufactured by Qualcomm. It will also feature LTE and microSD card support. NFC (Near Field Technology) will be included as well. Even though Nokia Phi will be announced in early September, the smartphone has been confirmed to arrive on the market in the last week of October. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter. via NokiaInnovation.

Nokia Phi
Image credits to WPDang


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