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Sep 11, 2012

Incoming Intel Mobile Pentium “Ivy Bridge” CPUs

We reported here and here about Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors that the company is introducing now, but the CPU giant is also getting ready with new Pentium-branded mobile chips, featuring the same architecture.

The company is moving the Ivy Bridge architecture in the mainstream line, but the cheapest alternatives will still be Sandy Bridge-based. Intel is now getting ready with new mobile Ivy Bridge processors that bare the Pentium brand, CPU-World reports. We’re talking about the Pentium 2117U CPU that is an Ivy Bridge dual-core chip with no HT technology. Running at 1.8 GHz, it will fit inside the same 17 watts TDP that the Sandy Bridge Pentium 987 has, but the SB part is 300 MHz slower. It features HD graphics, 2 MB level 3 cache and fits on a 1023 BGA socket. The second Ivy Bridge Pentium Intel plans to launch later this autumn is the Pentium 2020M that has a 35 watts TDP, the same “HD graphics” integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) and needs a G2 socket.

Unlike the Pentium 2117U, this one actually manages no frequency advantage over the Sandy Bridge-based counterpart, the Pentium B980. The only advantage the user will see are the small performance improvements that Ivy Bridge brings over Sandy Bridge as the Pentium 2020M has the same frequency and TDP as its predecessor. Not many details are known about these two Pentium processors, but we can definitely say that we’re glad Intel leaves Sandy Bridge behind. On the other hand, it is quite disappointing that the low power consumption advantage that Ivy Bridge brings is not obvious.

We’re wondering how come the Pentium 2020M has such a “high” TDP despite being a 22nm chip with the same characteristics as a 32nm processor.

Intel Pentium logo
Image credits to Intel

Intel New Ivy Bridge Pentiums Compared with Sandy Bridge Counterparts
Image credits to CPU-World


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