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Sep 3, 2012

Intel Five New Mobile Processors

In a surprising move, the world’s largest PC processor manufacturer, American company Intel is launching today five new mobile processors that replace some models launched just this Spring.  Apparently the company is preparing for the AMD Trinity attack that will follow after the Windows 8 launch.

The top three performing CPUs are replacing the Core i7-3720QM, i7-3820QM and i7-3920XM Extreme models that have been just launched in April of this year. The new models are called Core i7-3740QM, i7-3840QM and Core i7-3940XM Extreme and come with higher working frequencies and different prices, CPU-World reports.

On the low end, Intel comes with two “new” Sandy Bridge based Celerons, but you can find all the necessary information in the table below. Today is day that that Intel has also launched 16 new desktop processors. So make sure you check those out right here.

Intel Core i7 Marketing Shot
Image credits to Intel

Intel New Mobile Processors Launched in September 2012
Image credits to CPU-World


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