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Sep 20, 2012

Indian CERT Need 400,000 Experts to Address Cybersecurity Issues

In an interview with Business Standard, Gulshan Rai - the director general of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) – stated that in order to properly address cybersecurity issues, the country needed around 400,000 experts.

“Currently, we have just about 32,000 skilled people. We need people to address aspects like technology procurement and legal issues, and train the police and the judiciary in understanding the cyber segment,” Rai said. He also revealed the fact that the attacks launched by cybercriminals against government websites had not only intensified, but their nature had also changed. More recently, attackers have focused on stealing information and using the compromised websites as a medium for other campaigns.

The director also talked about Anonymous and their hacktivist operations. He admitted that they managed to slow down his organization’s systems by launching distributed denial-of-service attacks, but claimed that they had never penetrated their networks.

Indian CERT claims that they need 400,000 experts to address all cybersecurity issues
Image credits to cert-in.org.in


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