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Sep 20, 2012

GlobalFoundries Starts 14nm-XM 3D FinFET Manufacturing

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell processor has already taped out at the company and is able to run Windows, but we were wondering if the rest of the semiconductor manufacturers are left behind at 28nm.

Abu Dhabi company ATIC and its GlobalFoundries subsidiary don’t seem to be content with 28nm manufacturing and the Arabian funds have been put to good use. GlobalFoundries are already manufacturing 64-core processors as we reported here and also AMD's future Piledriver CPUs that we reported here. We knew that the foundry is hard at work in its 20nm manufacturing line, but today GlobalFoundries is announcing that its 14nm low-power manufacturing process is almost ready.

Moreover, the company is ready with 3D FinFET transistors and test chips manufactured using this process are already available right now. The 14nm process at GlobalFoundries combines 20nm elements with transistors that are only 14nm big and the plan is to focus on mobile applications. In fact, 14nm-XM is short for 14nm "eXtreme Mobility." Therefore, Intel's main competitor, AMD is not really that much behind the semiconductor giant.

ATIC Headquarters
Image credits to Wikipedia


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