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Sep 14, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 Running Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia has already confirmed that the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 operating system would be loaded on its existing Lumia devices, although it did not offer a specific date for when that should happen.

Apparently, we’re moving closer and closer to seeing the new operating system version delivered to users, as it has already been spotted running on Nokia’s Lumia 800 smartphone. A Polish website dedicated to Windows Phone has published a series of images that present Windows Phone 7.8 on Nokia’s handset, yet it wasn’t able to offer info on when the update would be released.

The photos, which are said to be real, show the new homescreen with resizable tiles, as well as various theme colors that users will be able to enjoy. You can also have a look at the upcoming platform release via the video embedded above, coming from the same website.

Windows Phone 7.8 running on Nokia Lumia 800
Video credits to windowsmaniapl


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