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Sep 14, 2012

Microsoft Hands Out Windows 8 PCs and Surface RT Tablets to All Employees Worldwide

Claiming that Google is the best place to work (and live) in the world is more like a cliché these days, but Microsoft apparently continues its efforts to at least get closer to its Mountain View-based rival.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer managed to bring a smile on everyone's face yesterday at KeyArena, as he announced that absolutely all company employees worldwide would receive a Surface RT tablet, a new work PC with Windows 8 and a Windows Phone 8 device. Of course, only Microsoft employees were allowed to attend the conference, but many expressed their enthusiasm on Twitter or on several other online social networks. “Steve Ballmer is the new Oprah! Our Company Meeting was so magical, everyone was glued to their seats. So much innovation!” one of the 94,000 employees said on Twitter seconds after the event came to an end. “Quite the energetic, emotional and very generous ending to the Microsoft company meeting from Ballmer!” another one added.

Not much was said about the aforementioned goodies that would be handed to Microsoft employees, but The Seattle Times reports that workers are even allowed to choose between several devices. For example, the work PC can be either a desktop, a laptop, an ultrabook or a tablet, but each of them will be running the brand new Windows 8. What's more, employees are also allowed to pick their Windows Phone 8 too, but again, everyone inside Microsoft remains tight lipped on the subject. Obviously, the phones can be used both at home and at work. For those of you who don't know, Microsoft changes employees' computers every three years, just in time for the debut of several products wearing the company's badge. Windows 8 will be launched on October 26, so yesterday's announcement pretty much makes sense.

Microsoft remains one of the best companies to work for
Image credits to dailymail.co.uk


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