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Oct 22, 2012

Android 4.2 Leaked ROM Unveils with Multiple User Accounts

One of the features that Google is expected to include in the upcoming Android 4.2 operating system release is support for multiple accounts on the same device, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

There is no official confirmation on whether the feature will indeed be included in the new platform release or not, but the guys over at Android Police did find mentions of it in a recently leaked Android 4.2 ROM. Clues that such a feature was coming to Android have emerged online a while ago, and some more info on the matter is now available. Info extracted from the aforementioned leaked ROM shows that Google is getting ready to set new permissions for applications, so that they can be used by more than a single user on the same handset. The news site found out that Phone, Settings, and SystemUI featured some multi-user permissions in the aforementioned system dump, which comes as proof that the operating system could soon offer support for multiple accounts. Each user will be able to configure the device in the manner they like the most, starting with management settings, SystemUI, and phone book.

While each user will be able to create and delete accounts, it’s as yet uncertain which action will be available for switching users. Other findings related to the upcoming OS release include support for Parental Controls for each user, which include the option to allow Play Store purchases per account through the use of a PIN code. Google is also expected to bring a series of visual changes to the operating system, including the addition of a new set of icons for the calendar, gallery and camera. Details on how the new icons will look like haven’t emerged as of now, though it might not be too long before they do. The OS is expected to be officially announced on October 29th, and all the necessary details on it might arrive at that time.

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