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Oct 22, 2012

Run Windows 8 OS on Any PC with Western Digital My Passport Enterprise

As all special software features, Windows To Go cannot gain fame in absence of hardware that supports it but, fortunately, it is an easy enough capability to implement. Microsoft saw to it and Western Digital spared no time in taking advantage of that.

IT sales nowadays run on how assured consumers are that they are buying the right thing. That means that having a label clearly stating “Windows To Go certified” goes a long way, even though, theoretically, any external storage device, be it HDD, SSD or flash drive, should work that way. Western Digital has just announced that its My Passport Enterprise portable hard disk drive has been certified for Windows To Go. My Passport Enterprise is described as a 500 GB HDD with a sleek and compact design. Normally, it is used for storing important work documents and presentations and projects, but now it can be employed to run a customized version of the new operating system on any notebook, desktop and even Wintel tablets. As if that alone was not enough, WD also tossed in the BitLocker full disk encryption technology, which separates the data from the host PC's internal HDD and avoids accidental disclosure. No trace of the data is left on the host computer. All in all, the drive can be a useful, convenient even, tool for any businessman that wants to take his or her work with them wherever they go.

Prior to Windows 8, only Windows Embedded Standard 7 supported booting from a USB source. Windows To Go is more accessible and can be deployed with tools such as ImageX. The first time Windows To Go boots on a computer, it installs the drivers for the hardware found in it, with no reboot required. Finally, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections are supported. Western Digital is shipping My Passport Enterprise for $119.99 USD / 119.99 Euro.

Western Digital My Passport Enterprise
Image credits to Western Digital


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