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Oct 24, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Toast Notifications Detailed in Slides

Some of the many enhancements that Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is set to pack inside the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system will be related to the manner in which notifications are handled.

The new platform builds on the features and capabilities packed inside the current flavors of the BlackBerry OS, while also improving some areas that should make the overall user experience a better one. When it comes to the manner in which  BlackBerry 10 handles system dialogs and notifications, users are in for a treat in BlackBerry 10. All the pop-ups, dialogs and alert windows have been improved using Cinnamon toast and French toast, and a series of leaked slides that emerged over at n4bb unveil more details on the matter. With Cinnamon toast inside, BlackBerry 10 will provide users with the possibility to preview messages on the lockscreen. Moreover, depending on the angle of the BB10 device, the Cinnamon toast will be able to show more info to the user, with three different kinds of data being displayed based on the degree of angle.

The information is revealed continuously, and the process is reversible. When placing the device on the tablet, the data will disappear from the screen in the same manner it appeared. As for French toast, it was packed inside the platform to provide users with the ability to undo delete operations. There is no need for a delete confirmation when using French toast, but the feature will make things run smoother than before and will also enable users to recover files after accidental deletes. However, it will work only with moderate deleted items. The French toast dialog will remain on the screen after an item has been deleted and will provide users with a 3-second window to undo the action. It is triggered by users’ next interaction with the screen after the delete operation.

BlackBerry 10 CinnamonToast
Image credits to N4BB

BlackBerry 10 French Toast
Image credits to N4BB


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