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Oct 24, 2012

Raspberry Pi Now Has Open Source ARM Drivers

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has revealed that the drivers stack powering their mini PC have just went open source.

Users of the Raspberry Pi mini PCs can rejoice because this is incredibly good news. So far, developers have been somewhat limited on what they could do with Raspberry Pi, but now the development gates are wide open. “As of right now, all of the VideoCore driver code which runs on the ARM is available under a FOSS license (3-Clause BSD to be precise). The source is available from our new userland repository on GitHub,” stated the official announcement.

Broadcom is the first company to provide open source drivers for their hardware and we can only hope that, further down the line, a lot more companies will make the same gesture. Raspberry Pi relies on an ARM processor with a clock speed of 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, an SD card slot and a 5V Micro USB connector that supplies the power. It also features RCA and HDMI ports.

Raspberry Pi Mini-pc
Image credits to Raspberry Pi Foundation


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