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Oct 9, 2012

Latest iPhone 5 Issue: Screen Flickering

It’s almost as if the iPhone 5 has become the hottest target for critics all over the web, mostly thanks to Apple’s success (bound to draw some negative attention from rivals), but also thanks to some real issues with the handset.

The latest such issue is being reported by Mashable whose staff has been able to reproduce a screen flickering bug that occurs on the phone’s software-based virtual keyboard. The problem does seem to be widespread. The report says the issue has been experienced by several iPhone 5 owners, and there’s a thread over at Apple Support Communities that attests this claim. The flickering mostly occurs when users visit the App Store on their handsets and bring up the keyboard for a search. The video below shows the bug in action. One customer trying to describe the bug on Apple’s forum, says, “When I enter my password in the app store, lines begin to flicker across rows of the keyboard.” The user then links to a YouTube video for evidence, adding “This has happened on my last two visits to the app store. The first two or three times there was no problem. This is the only context in which I observe the flickering keyboard.”

“I've noticed the same thing a few times when entering my password in the App Store,” writes another disgruntled customer. “Also, one time when I opened a folder there appeared to be several lines on the screen that didn't get redrawn correctly. This lead to a similar looking sort of glitch,” said this person, identified as seanfrommalvern on Apple’s forums. The thread in question has gotten 190 replies (at the time of writing) and right now it stands tall with 11715 views. Safe to say the problem is there, and Apple will most certainly have to patch it in the next iOS update.

iOS keyboard flickering
Image credits to xarthan on Youtube

Static or lines on my iPhone 5 keyboard. Software or hardware?
Video credits to Xartan


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