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Oct 9, 2012

Nokia Releases Fixed Nokia Music for Belle FP2

Today, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available for download a new flavor of the Nokia Music application for devices running under the Belle FP2 operating system.

The platform was made available for download last week for the company’s 808 PureView handsets, yet it was pulled shortly after, due to a series of issues, one of which caused Nokia Music to stop working. As it turns out, the company has managed to find the problem and fix it, and is now making an updated flavor of the Nokia Music application available for Belle FP2 users.

Those who would like to grab it should either go to the Nokia Update app on their phones and search for it, or connect the device to a PC and fire up the Nokia Suite desktop software to find it.

Nokia Music update available for Belle FP2 handsets
Images credits to UnleashThePhones


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