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Nov 8, 2012

How and Why We’re Tracked Online

Security solutions provider Veracode has released a clever infographic to detail how and why our every move is tracked online.

Experts highlight that many of the security and privacy issues stem from the fact that users don’t know what information they’re unwittingly handing over when surfing the web. Understanding what websites track us and what information they’re after makes it easier for us to take proactive measures. For instance, did you know that every time you visit a website your interest in that particular site is actually auctioned to advertisers? That way, companies can make sure that the ads they show you match your interests.

Most websites track us with the aid of cookies, but some of them take it one step further and tend to use more controversial methods, such as deep packet inspection, which can be utilized for advanced network management, security functions, user service, but also data mining, eavesdropping and censorship.

How companies track us online
Image credits to Veracode


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