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Nov 7, 2012

Nokia Details Nokia Maps 3.0 for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 devices, arrive on shelves with a nice range of appealing features coming from the Finnish handset vendor itself, including a new flavor of the Nokia Maps application.

The new app release brings along a nice range of enhancements when compared to what was already available for users, and those who own a Nokia phone should find it available for download via the official Windows Phone Store today. According to Nokia, there are three different ways in which the application can be updated on a Nokia device, all of them simple and intuitive. The Windows Phone Store live tile on the phone’s screen will prompt users to update to the new app flavor, and the app is also available in the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Phone Store. Moreover, users can download and install the app through a Windows computer, should they choose to do so.

The new flavor of Nokia Maps comes with support for storing maps offline for use when no connection is available. However, it will provide specific details on places and the like only when online. “Turn-by-turn navigation is no longer just reserved for people who drive, you can now get precise guided instructions using the pedestrian navigation, too,” Nokia explains. “Whether you’re walking down a street, cutting across parks or climbing public stairs, Nokia Maps will guide you in the right direct to ensure you get to your destination, without the need of an Internet connection.”

The app also delivers info on public transportation, so that users can get to where they want in more ways than before. Of course, there is also the Nokia Drive feature that makes it easy to get to the destination when in a car. “We also understand that often when you navigate somewhere, to a shopping centre, an airport or a stadium for example, your journey doesn’t end at the door. In fact, it continues way into the building, until you reach your desired store, departure gate or stand within the stadium,” Nokia continues. “That’s why we’ve now included venue maps in this new version. While this doesn’t strictly navigate you indoors (yet), it does show you all the different locations within a building.”

With Venue Maps, for example, users receive access to maps of over 18,000 unique buildings in over 40 countries around the world, with multiple floors to browse, info on where escalators are located and more.

Nokia Maps
Image credits to Nokia

Download the latest Nokia Maps from Windows Phone Marketplace for your Lumia Windows Phone 8: http://bit.ly/PPFNLx

Maps just got better than ever. Take a closer look at Nokia Maps for Nokia Lumia on Windows Phone 8. Discover new places to try or just locate what you are looking for at a glance. Get to where you are going with the help of turn-by-turn navigation made for walking or driving and smart routing for public transport. Nokia Maps can do all this in true offline mode, so you have the ability to download cities or even entire countries to your phone and enjoy blazingly fast and reliable maps completely offline. New venue maps let you find everything from stores to restrooms to ATMs indoors in places like shopping malls, airports and transport stations.
Video credits to Nokia


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