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Nov 5, 2012

HTC DROID DNA, Higher Resolution Photo Emerges

One of the devices that Verizon’s customers might soon be able to purchase on their carrier’s network is said to be the HTC DROID DNA, which has been spotted quite a few times before, and which has just emerged in a new, better photo.

Available courtesy of Twitter user @evleaks, the photo does not provide additional details on the upcoming Android handset, but it does provide us with the possibility to have a better look at the device. Rumor has it that the new smartphone will be launched with a large 5-inch full HD touchscreen display and a powerful processor inside.

The handset is expected to prove a great rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, though it remains to be seen whether HTC has also packed it with exclusive software inside, just as Samsung did with its device, Droid-life notes.

Image credits to @evleaks on Twitter


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