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Nov 1, 2012

iPad Mini Teardown by iFixit

The word is out that iFixit has kicked off its iPad mini teardown, with plans to dissect the tablet right down to the smallest chips. Although the analysis is still underway, they’ve already removed pretty much all the parts making up the diminutive tablet.

iFixit reports that “The iPad Mini continues Apple's repair-impeding practice of keeping iPads together with copious amounts of adhesive. This is one area in which the friendly-to-open Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD are clear winners.” The repair shop found that the LCD needs to be removed prior to removing the digitizer, due to the placement of connectors. The good news is that the LCD and front glass are two separate components, which means that the iPad mini will score more points on iFixit’s repairability scale. “This contrasts the fused glass-LCD assemblies in both the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. Thanks for the repairability, Apple!” says the company. Some markings on the back of the LCD reveal that it’s made by Samsung, which comes as a surprise considering how much the two companies have grown apart lately.

But, as iFixit points out, other iPad mini units are likely to employ screens made by the likes of LG Display and others. The techies proceeded to remove the connector-fastened battery, “not like the soldered-in battery found in the iPod Touch.” Despite Apple placing a plastic card to ease up prying the battery up from the rear shell, “it's still a very difficult task to break through all of the adhesive securing it to the rear case without puncturing the cells,” iFixit reports. The battery itself holds a bit of mystery, as even the tinkerers at iFixit found themselves scratching their heads reading the markings. “Whatever the capacity, it's decidedly mini when compared to the massive 43 Whr battery in the iPad 3. Even the venerable iPad 2 sports a 25 Whr package, 50% more than the iPad Mini,” says the repair shop.

Moving forward with the teardown, they confirm that iPad mini has stereo speakers (as opposed to a single speaker as generally found in iDevices). “The folks at Amazon doubted, but we can confirm the Mini does indeed sport stereo speakers. In this one regard, the Mini outdoes the still-mono Retina iPad,” says iFixit, adding that “the sound quality is anything but mini.”

iPad mini teardown
Images credits to iFixit


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