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Nov 1, 2012

Windows Phone 8 New Emoticons [Video]

One of the appealing new features that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform will arrive on shelves with includes the availability of a new series of emoticons for users.

Windows Phone already provided users with the possibility to include a series of smileys in text messages (SMS), but the system has been updated, and more options are available for them in the new platform release. According to WPCentral, Windows Phone enthusiasts are certain to love the new emoticons, especially since there is a new selector available at the bottom of the screen so that users could choose between faces, food, symbols and more.

The keyboard has also been designed to learn from users’ habits, which means that frequently used smileys will show up in a frequently used area for faster access, regardless of the application one is in. Have a look at the video above for more info.

Microsoft has greatly overhauled the emoticon system for Windows Phone 8. Now you can send hundreds of different smileys and symbols with just a touch. It even remembers your most frequently used choices.
Video credits to WMExpert


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