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Nov 28, 2012

Rumor: Microsoft to Release Windows Blue, the First Free Windows Ever

Although Windows 8 was launched last month, Microsoft is already giving the final touches to Windows Blue, the new Windows iteration that’s apparently supposed to come with some really huge surprises.

Citing sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, The Verge reports that Windows Blue is going to be released in mid-2013 and will comprise significant UI changes, most likely supposed to address the controversial Windows 8 features. The Redmondians are reportedly planning to make Windows Blue a low-cost or even free operating system, just to make sure all users will make the move to the new OS. The Windows SDK would also be updated to the new release, while Microsoft would encourage developers to create apps for Windows Blue, with a lowered focus on Windows 8.

If rumors prove to be true, Windows Blue won’t be available as a standalone OS, so users would need an older Windows to upgrade. Last but not least, Windows Blue would also be the first product supposed to kick off a yearly update schedule for Microsoft, as the Redmond-based technology giant is looking into ways to challenge the other companies on the market, such as Apple and Google.

Windows Blue could see daylight in mid-2013
Image credits to hdwallpapers.in


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