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Nov 28, 2012

Gigabyte HD Motherboard Family Line

One would think that HDMI and DVI are fairly common sights on the mainboard market now, even together, but Gigabyte does not agree.

In fact, the company feels that it is so rare to see the two together that there is enough cause to name an entire series of motherboards after them. Still, since “motherboard featuring both HDMI and DVI” is a chore to blurt out in one breath, Gigabyte chose something simpler. Thus, it was that the HD Series of motherboards came to be. Basically, Gigabyte wants to put an end to the time when HDMI+DVI support is restricted to the high-end market.

Given the advanced graphics capabilities of CPUs and APUs, it makes sense for the digital interfaces to become more common. That the company chose to implement Ultra Durable 4 classic components is just a bonus. Check out this link for more information, including a full list of the mainboards.

Gigabyte intros HD motherboard series
Image credits to Gigabyte


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