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Jan 27, 2013

Apple Codenamed iPhone 5S as N51 and N53 to Launch in July

As we move closer to WWDC 2013, Apple’s annual developer-centric event, hype begins to mount on the iPhone front regarding a potential 5S iteration coming out no later than June.

According to the latest chatter among Apple insiders and suppliers, the Cupertino technology giant is coming out with its usual incremental update this year – the iPhone 5S. Numerous analysts have taken a stab at the phone’s specs and price tag, but Apple will have the final say, as always. Chances are Apple will stick to tradition and keep the $199/€199 price tag intact (with a two-year contract), while bumping up the specs just enough to make a new purchase relevant for the fan base, and perhaps even newcomers. That being said, a “trusted” source is telling iLounge that the iPhone 5S is still “months away from mass production.”

However, this source “suspects” that the flagship feature of the handset will be “an upgraded rear camera,” which will most likely be a new-generation 13-megapixel sensor from Sony. A flash (storage) upgrade would also be in order, this source believes, “along with a processor bump,” iLounge reports. According to the knowledgeable source, the iPhone 5S prototypes that are currently in testing in Cupertino are codenamed “N51” and “N53,” which is in line with previous codenames for iPhone prototype units. Finally, this person said, Apple will release the upgraded smartphone in July, which coincides with the company’s aforementioned event – the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple is believed to have planned a shift in its iPhone upgrade cycle. While most iPhone announcements have taken place in summer, the last two iterations (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5) have been unveiled at events taking place in fall. The rumored iPhone 5S would mark a return to Apple’s original summer upgrade, though it’s still possible the rumors are getting it wrong. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Apple is believed to also give the iPhone 5S some color options
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