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Jan 27, 2013

Apple iPad 5 Codenamed J72 Launch in October

A trusty source is telling iLounge that Apple is moving forward with its plans to release a fifth-generation full-size iPad. Prototype units currently in testing at Apple bear the codename J72, this person says.

The source in question reveals quite a few details about Apple’s entire upcoming lineup of iDevices, which includes a refresh of the big iPad (currently at its fourth generation). The fifth-generation iPad, codenamed “J72” internally, will be released in October, “give or take,” according to the iLounge report. In a separate post, the blog’s editor-in-chief cites his sources as saying that “This iPad 5 design is so much smaller that a full internal redesign — complete with a smaller, less power-hungry sequel to the A6X — can be safely assumed.” The device is expected to “remain roughly on par with the fourth-generation model in processing capabilities,” but will feature an improved screen, a smaller form-factor (not affecting the 9.7-inch screen size), and considerably reduced weight, all of which will become “the key selling points” of the iPad 5.

There have been a number of rumors regarding a potential design switch for the full-size iPad to make it look and feel more like the iPad mini. Apple has reportedly amassed impressive sales of the diminutive tablet computer, and analysts believe the reduced screen bezel and lost weight have a lot to do with it. In this respect, Apple is retouching the entire iPad lineup to make it look more like the iPad mini, regardless of screen size and form factor. However, other rumors have pegged the iPad 5 launch date for spring 2013, which is but a few months away. It is worth noting that Apple has historically refreshed its iPads in spring.  Only the last iPad upgrade (which basically consisted only of a faster CPU) was announced in fall of 2012.

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