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Jan 7, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Handsets Said to Have Great Build

There are a little over three weeks left until Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion makes its new BlackBerry 10 operating system official, along with the first smartphones to run under it, and some more info on the matter is now available.

According to a post on Business Insider, the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones will have a great build quality, while featuring a rubber back and replaceable batteries, along with a high-resolution screen, and great performance capabilities. The OS was built for speed as well, it seems, with fast browsing capabilities, fast boot time and the possibility to keep your personal and work lives separate on the same device.

Even so, the news site suggests that RIM will have a lot to work to ensure that its new platform and devices are received well, due to the increasing competition from Android and iOS.

Blackberry 10
Image credits to Youtube


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