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Jan 7, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV to Pack New Wireless Charging Technology

Supposedly called Galaxy S IV, the next flagship Android-based smartphone from South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung might arrive on shelves with a brand new wireless charging technology packed inside.

Rumor has it that Samsung might pack the new device with a wireless charging system that would also sport built-in communication capabilities. Apparently, the mobile phone maker has filed for a wireless charging patent back in July, and has had the system detailed last month, after the patent was published. The technology combines wireless charging with a modulated carrier signal, which would enable the smartphone to communicate with the charger. This means that the charging pad or stand could be designed so as to provide additional functionalities, while also expanding people’s options when it comes to using the phone while charging. For example, users could easily pair the phone with a set of wire-free speakers included in the dock, all without the need to activate the Bluetooth capabilities of the device for that, expertreviews.co.uk notes in a recent post.

Mobile phones with wireless charging capabilities are already available for purchase around the world, yet none of them with such technology inside. For those out of the loop, we should note that handsets such as Nexus 4 from LG or the Lumia 920 from Nokia offer the wireless charging feature to their users. To take advantage of the capability, one needs to have a compatible wireless charging device at hand, and to simply drop the smartphone on top of it. Provided that Samsung indeed manages to implement the technology inside its next-generation Galaxy S smartphone, users will be able to perform a variety of actions on their devices even when it is sitting on that stand to replenish the battery juice.

However, it remains to be seen whether it will indeed have the wireless charging system ready for deployment in the coming months, since Galaxy S IV was rumored to arrive before June 2013.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked photo
Image credits to SAMMobile


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