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Jan 14, 2013

Learn Windows 8 OS with This Free App

Windows 8 has always been deemed too difficult to use for some people, but there are plenty of free resources out there to assist beginners in exploring the new operating system.

In case you’re already running Windows, here’s an app that does that at absolutely no cost. Called “Touch Here: Learn Windows 8,” the program presents you the key Windows 8 gestures with simple animations that showcase each of them. You can learn about app bars, the charms bar, tiles, the Start Screen and portrait views, all without leaving the Modern UI of your Windows 8 computer.

The app is partially designed by the Microsoft UK team and comes with no ads, even though it’s available completely for free. Click here to view the “Touch Here: Learn Windows 8” product page in your browser.

The app is partially created by the Microsoft UK team
Image credits to Windows Store


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