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Jan 14, 2013

Ubuntu Phone Components Ported to Blackberry 10 [Video]

Ubuntu Phone has just been announced by Canonical and there isn't even a testable version out, but it seems that it does have some things in common with Blackberry 10.

As pointed out by the guys at kodira.de, Ubuntu Phone relies on QT and QML, but Blackberry 10 provides support for numerous languages and even has a QML component kit. Getting Ubuntu Phone components to run under a Blackberry 10 environment is not that difficult and all it requires is a little patience.

The implications for this demonstrations are interesting, to say the least. Having two different operating systems share the same software, with very little input from the programmers is quite an achievement.  Because Ubuntu Phone can only be seen in the hands of Mark Shuttleworth & company, the only way to build and test applications for it is by using a PC. With this gimmick, it's now possible to test your work on a real device.

Ubuntu Phone Components on a Blackberry 10 device.
Full article is here: http://kodira.de/2013/01/ubuntu-phone-components-on-blackberry-10
Video credits to KodiraUG


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