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Apr 22, 2013

Download Now, Microsoft New Landscape Theme for Windows (Free)

Microsoft has recently launched a new theme called New Zealand Landscapes: West Coast that’s aimed at Windows users looking to customize their desktop backgrounds with high-resolution wallpapers.

The theme packs a total of 17 photos, all of which are taken by photographer Ian Rushton, the artist who also provided HD backgrounds for a number of other Windows themes. New Zealand Landscapes: West Coast is compatible with the latest Windows versions released on the market, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows RT, with all wallpapers being packed in a single .themepack file that automatically deploys the content on your computer.

“Moss-covered rocks, windswept dunes, flowing waves, sand shimmering in the evening’s last light: This free Windows theme brings photographer Ian Rushton’s vision of New Zealand’s West Coast beaches to your desktop,” Microsoft wrote in the official description of the theme.

The theme comes with support for both Windows 8 and Windows RT
Image credits to Microsoft


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