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Apr 22, 2013

Some Specs of Business Class AMD Richland APUs Revealed from Biostar CPU Support List

Biostar is one of the many motherboard makers with Advanced Micro Devices as a client and partner, which means it usually gets information on upcoming chips earlier than everyone save its fellows.

Sometimes that information slips through the cracks of the world wide web, like now. A CPU support list has shown the Richland A4-6300B, A6-6400B and A10-6800B business class APUs. The A10-6800B is a 4.1 GHz part with 100 W TDP (thermal design power) and four CPU cores, plus 2 MB L2 cache per module (4 MB total).

AMD A4-6300B and A6-6400B have 3.7 GHz and 3.9 GHz clocks and have 65W TDPs, two cores (each) and 1 MB L2 cache. These B-series chips will probably be shipped as part of OEM desktop personal/office computers, but not as retail products.

Biostar support list
Image credits to Biostar via CPU-World


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