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Jun 23, 2013

The Official Windows 8.1 Preview Betta Fish Leaked

As you most likely know if you're a Microsoft fanboy, the software maker places what it's being called a betta fish in every single testing version of its next operating system, usually as a desktop background or boot screen.

Since the debut of Windows 8.1 Preview is just around the corner, the company has reportedly created a brand new and more colorful betta fish to be used in the first major Windows 8 overhaul. The photo published by Win8China indicates that Microsoft might use the Siamese fighting fish on the boot screen this time, so we're yet to discover the official desktop background.

Windows 8.1 Preview will go live on June 26 during the BUILD developer conference, so expect more details to be provided in just a few days ahead of the big launch.

Microsoft has created a more colorful betta fish for Windows 8.1
Image credits to Win8China


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