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Jun 20, 2013

Xperia Z Ultra Screenshots, Shows Redesigned UI

Xperia Z Ultra, also spotted online under the name of Xperia ZU, is expected to land on shelves as Sony Mobile’s first smartphone to pack a screen larger than 6 inches, and it seems that it might also bring along a redesigned UI.

Following a series of leaked screenshots from the Android device, new such photos are available for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of XDA-Developers, offering a glimpse at a reorganized homescreen, with a larger number of icons visible there at the same time. Overall, the handset appears set to deliver a clearer UI, with an increased number of rows and columns for displaying icons, at least when compared to other smartphones.

Provided that it will arrive on shelves with a 6.4-inch display, Xperia ZU will indeed have enough room on the screen for additional icons, and it remains to be seen whether Sony will pack it inside other smartphones as well.

Xperia ZU screenshots
Image credits to XDA-Developers


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