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Jun 4, 2013

Watch the Windows 8.1 Start Button in Action [Video]

Microsoft has already confirmed that the Start button would return in Windows 8.1, but the company has revealed only few details about it.

Now a clip posted on YouTube and revealed by Tom Warren on Twitter shows what seems to be the future Start button in action, even though no other specifics have been provided. The video was recorded on Windows 8.1 Enterprise build 9410 and, as we can all see, the Start button is not turned on by default when working on the desktop. Of course, clicking the button instantly gets users to the Start screen, so it doesn’t launch the popular Start Menu available in Windows 7 and its predecessors.

More details, however, will be provided later this month when Microsoft is set to officially unveil the public preview of Windows 8.1. Until then, take all unconfirmed reports with a pinch of salt as they can very well be fake.

This is the Windows 8.1 Start button. Note that this will always be visible in desktop mode, this is an early build being demonstrated with the support.
Video credits to Tom Warren


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