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Jun 4, 2013

Intel Merrifield-Based Smartphone Reference Design

Chip maker Intel is moving forth with its development of mobile processors, and is moving closer towards the release of the first smartphones powered by its latest such solution, namely the Merrifield CPU.

The company came to Computex in Taiwan this week with a smartphone reference design to showcase the next-generation 22nm Atom SoC, along with its forthcoming 4G LTE multimode solution, latest reports on the matter suggest. For the time being, however, it is uncertain whether the LTE radio will be integrated inside the new Atom chips, or will come separately, though it’s certain that Intel plans on implementing the capability in the silicon.

Based on the Silvermont architecture, the Merrifield chip should provide increased performance over previous CPUs from the company, while also delivering important battery savings, Intel announced. According to Engadget, the first consumer devices powered by the new chip will land only in 2014.

Intel showcases Merrifield reference design smartphone
Image credits to Engadget


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