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Aug 3, 2013

BlackBerry Z30 Leaks as A-Series Flagship, Tutorial Videos Available

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has long been rumored to plan the release of a new BlackBerry 10 flagship smartphone before the end of this year, and the first handset in the lineup appears to have leaked online, called BlackBerry Z30.

While a leaked BlackBerry A10 made the rounds for a long time as the possible first A-Series smartphone, it seems the company had other plans in mind, and that the newly spotted handset will take that place. In fact, reference to the smartphone has been spotted in recently leaked BlackBerry 10.2 builds, along with confirmation that it will indeed be the initial A-Series phone, although no specific info on its release date has been provided as of now. As we see it, it would make perfect sense for BlackBerry to continue the naming scheme it launched when BlackBerry Z10 was unveiled, though it remains to be seen what exactly the company has in store for users with this device. For the time being, all that is known on it is the fact that it will hit the market with a removable battery door, although the battery itself is said to be non-removable.

As N4BB notes, chances are that the handset vendor will launch this smartphone with a series of replaceable back covers in tow, so as to provide users with additional personalization options, a trend that has started to take over the smartphone market lately. Furthermore, there is also the possibility that the microSD and SIM card slots are hidden beneath the cover, which changes the phone’s outer design, or means that the company was considering better reparability for the device. One way or the other, specific info on the matter might emerge in the not too distant future, so stay tuned to learn more on the new BlackBerry Z30.

In the meantime, however, you can have a look at some video tutorials with the device, extracted from the aforementioned leaked OS 10.2 build and embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The first BlackBerry A-Series smartphone to be BlackBerry Z30
Images credits to tinhte.vn via N4BB

Videos credits to Kris Simundson 


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