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Aug 3, 2013

Here’s What the iPhone 5C Looks Like, Sans Electronics [Video]

Published by the same Japanese blokes who leaked an iPad 5 enclosure with a supposedly backlit Apple logo, a new video claims to show the final iPhone 5C design.

According to a recent leak, Apple will reportedly call its (unconfirmed) budget smartphone “iPhone 5C.” Considering all the leaks that have been reported in the past few months, the device seems all but confirmed. The iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 dressed in plastic, according to the rumors. A new video now purports to show the entire enclosure of the phone, which would confirm its design. As the video embedded above shows, the resemblance to the current-selling iPhone 5 is noticeable.

The hardware lacks all the components needed to actually make the phone, but it does seem to confirm the final design of the iPhone 5C. Apple is said to be on track to unveil both the low-cost iPhone 5C and the more expensive iPhone 5S upgrade this fall.

Video credits to Mac Otakara 


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